It’s All About People


Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to attend the FAU business leader of the year event with the leaders of Zimmerman Advertising. (Thanks to Phil Bannister – SVP, Retail Technology, Zimmerman Advertising).

FAU Business Leader of the year 2018, Mr. Colin Brown (Chairman & CEO JM Family Enterprises, Inc.) said in his leadership speech that it is people who make a leader a successful leader. A great leader sets high standards and set higher goals in front of people they work with. According to Mr. Brown, when you treat people well, they will be loyal to you for rest of their life. A leader must build a performance driven culture in the organization. It will lift people up and they will take the organization to the next level. It’s all about people. That’s right, that’s the magic of JM Family’s success.

A leader is like a kite that gradually reaches new heights and flies with great pride. Higher a leader goes, more successful they feel. At any point of success, a leader must not forget about the people who helped them, who served their duties and their sacrifices during the path towards the leader’s success. Because, if the string attached to the kite breaks, the kite has no where else to go but hurtling towards the ground. It is a leader’s responsibility to maintain and strengthen the relationship with people at any level.

We are still in the world where we are surrounded by actual people, not robots. People who see dreams, who breathe, who work hard, who sacrifice, love & care for you. They are always available during the ups and downs. They can be your family members, friends, employees, coworkers, spiritual leaders, a mentor- the list goes on and on. They are real. They are the most valuable assets.

Respect them. Respect their services. Respect their presence.