Urgent & Important: Do Both

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-17 at 11.10.40 AM

You are doing an important thing and all of the sudden some other urgent situation appears. You must definitely address the urgent issue first. Then what about the important thing? Let’s look at the two situations below:

Situation 1: You were working on some important long-term strategy that requires you to define the right processes, people, technologies, tools, and products. While doing that you are getting urgent requests from your clients, internal teams and externals. You must address those requests first. However, to grow business in a robust manner you must not ignore the important initiatives. Do both.

Situation 2: You committed yourself for a 30 min daily workout routine. It is highly important for you to keep up with good health. You were highly motivated. You successfully accomplished the routine on day 1. On day 2, you got some urgent situation at the time of your routine, that caused an interruption. You had no choice but to address that urgent issue. You could not accomplish the workout routine. Sad. The same thing happened on day 3. And now, everyday something urgent comes up. Ultimately, you have made a habit to ignore the important thing. Not good. Do both.

We have no control over urgent situations. We have to deal with them. But what we have control over is ‘important things’. Maybe some adjustments are needed. But Ignoring important things must not be our choice. Do both.

Check out the interesting Time Management Matrix below. Above, I touched quadrants 1 & 2 only.



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